No, the majority of our medical informatics - comprising tens of millions of reports - is fully searchable for the public. Reports formatted for scientific publication typically require user registration. Additionally, we may limit excessive use to protect our data.

By creating an account, you allow MedsFacts to create customized reports based upon your medical history and current medications. Additionally, you will be able to schedule telemedicine consults with MedsFacts experts.
The MedsFacts Cloud chart is an abbreviated medical chart which MedsFacts stores on its servers. You complete your Cloud Chart by entering your current medication list, any diagnoses/conditions, and your current symptoms. There are two main reasons to register your information on the Cloud Chart. First, it allows MedsFacts to create customized reports - and safety alerts - based upon your medications and other healthcare information. Second, it allows you to quickly send your basic medical history during an online consult with a MedsFacts expert.

This information is never shared with anyone, unless you specifically authorize sending it to a MedsFacts expert during a videoconferencing telemedicine consult.
MedsFacts has analyzed decades of adverse event reports from the United States Food & Drug Administration. Additionally, our users - patients, researchers, and physicians - may post information directly on the website.
Categorization and medication names are assigned at the FDA, or at the reporting hospital itself. To maintain the integrity of the original data, we are unable to combine similar medications. In most cases, visitors will want to select the first listing, which has the highest number of FDA reports. This ensures you will obtain statistically relevant MedsFacts analyses. For example, there are four listings for Ability; the first listing should be selected:
ABILIFY ( 27828 FDA reports)
Additionally, on occcasion a typo may exist for a medication name. Again, for most accurate analysis, choose the first listing with the most number of reports.
Our website is responsive to be viewed efficiently on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. A MedsFact App is scheduled to be released in mid-2015.
Our reports show how many incidents of an event (in this case, pain) are reported by those undergoing a medical treatment (in this case, painkiller administration). MedsFacts reports do not assert causation, as doing so requires a separate study that is oftentimes difficult or impossible to conduct. In the above example, there appears to be a correlation which, in fact, does not exist. This is what is known in medical statistics as confounding, and is a common problem in analyzing drug safety. MedsFacts reports often are helpful in identifying drug side effects, but care must be taken to properly read and understand the data. We provide pie-charts showing physician opinion, which again is not always conclusive, but may assist in rendering an opinion on correlation. Finally, we recommend using our MedsFacts discussion tools to collaborate with other MedsFacts users in understanding the FDA data.
Serious side effects, including those that could be life-threatening, should be immediately evaluated by a proper health care professional. Contact 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency room if you have any concern about a serious medication reaction.
MedsFacts is a useful resource for learning more about your medications and sharing information with other patients like you, but should not be used to make emergency decisions.
Please contact a Poison Control Center and/or your local emergency services, 9-1-1, or visit an emergency room. MedsFacts is not a substitute for to emergency medical treatment.
Please email us at We will post a link to your research on the appropriate MedsFacts page(s). Please provide an easy-to-understand summary suitable for the MedsFacts audience (this may be your original abstract, or a separate document).
Yes. Thank you for contributing to our community. Please email Accepted blog posts will be re-posted in our blog, with a link to the originating blog/website as well.
MedsFacts was designed to inform and empower patients, researchers, and health care providers with new means of analyzing medication safety and efficacy. It is meant to complement traditional decision making methods surrounding medical choices, which should always include speaking with your health care providers and others you trust for advice.
Many of the features available today on MedsFacts are the result of suggestions from our website visitors. We welcome all feedback and suggestions. Email us at
Our general email address is
We try to respond to all email requests by the next business day. Please note we cannot provide specific medical advice. Please take advantage of our community discussion tools to share questions and concerns with other MedsFacts users.
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