Welcome to FactMed the next generation reference for medication safety. With more than 70% of all Americans currently taking at least one prescription drug – and at least 50% of all Americans taking two or more medications – it’s more critical than ever that we are informed, engaged and aware of potential side effects and adverse reactions.

FactMed is the premiere destination for the latest prescription drug and healthcare news. FactMed analyzes more than 18 million FDA adverse drug reports for 20,000 different pharmaceutical products, enabling patients and providers to better understand the potential side effects of different medications, along with potentially harmful interactions. Our easy-to-use online tools help you quickly assess the benefits and potential dangers associated with different medications. These easy-to-use diagnostic tools empower you to take charge of your health!

In conjunction with our redesigned website launch, the FactMed team is excited to announce our newest feature: the ability to consult with expert physicians and scientific researchers about different prescription medications. Patients can ask questions about their medications, providers can post responses to patient concerns, and patients can also schedule a personal consultation with a medication expert – all from within the FactMed website.

Using our community forum, you can share your own experience with different medications. Did you find that the side effects for a specific drug did not seem to apply to you? Or maybe you experienced other difficulties while taking a specific medication. Share your experiences and interact with other patients who are also taking similar medications for similar health concerns.

As a registered FactMed user, you can privately and securely save your medication list to the cloud. Once you’ve saved your medication list, you can receive regular updates from other patients posting questions or concerns about the same medications on your watch list. You control your communication preferences so you only receive the updates that are most relevant to your health concerns.

Wondering whether it is safe to take two medications together? Confused about your medical provider’s prescriptions? Curious if others are experiencing the same side effects as you? Sign up for FactMed today. Joining FactMed is completely free and will give you access to all our easy-to-use tools, including expert physician and researcher consultations and our community forums. You’ll be able to view user comments and concerns, and interact with patients who take similar medications.

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Medication Lookup

FactMed celebrates its official launch on November 12, 2014!
FactMed has been under development for two years, and extends thanks to over one million visitors who helped test the early access beta site.

FactMed provides MD-approved analysis covering decades of FDA reports. Our online community helps both patients and physicians accurately research and assess the risks and benefits for more than 20,000 different pharmaceutical products. In addition to information from Food & Drug Administration, our website now integrates social media and FactMed user submissions. Interact with other patients, expert researchers, and health care providers on the FactMed platform.

Registered users now receive custom reports for their medication list. These reports include:

  • Questions posted by other FactMed users.
  • Online Consults with Experts for your exact medication & condition
  • Concerns and side effects reported by FactMed users.

Stay informed and take control of your health care using FactMed.

Advanced Features

Medication Watchlists

Registered FactMed users may save their medication list in the cloud. After setting communication preferences, FactMed then does the work of updating you when other patients post questions or comments about medications on your watchlist.

Questions & Consults

Ask questions about your medications. Post patient responses to questions. Schedule a consult with a medication expert. All on the FactMed platform!

View User Comments & Concerns

Share your experiences and interact with other patients taking similar medications for similar conditions.

Advanced Search

Search over 18 million drug safety profiles. Analytics provided by FactMed team of US-based MDs with over twenty years experiecne in medical informatics.

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