About this FactMed analysis covering adverse side effect reports of ACETONE patients who developed COUGH.

FactMed provides MD-approved analysis to help both patients, researchers, and physicians accurately assess the risk profile for more than 20,000 different pharmaceutical products. The below report offers compiled information from Food & Drug Administration and FactMed user submissions. Between January 2004 and October 2012, 1 individuals taking ACETONE reported COUGH to the FDA. A total of 31 ACETONE drug adverse event reaction reports were made with the FDA during this time period. Often the FDA only receives reports of the most critical and severe cases; these numbers may therefore underrepresent the complication rate of the medication.

FDA Research Report

Introduction This page is designed to help you determine the relationship, if any, between ACETONE and COUGH. In doing so, we compare ACETONE with other drugs that cause COUGH, to help you evaluate whether or not ACETONE causes COUGH. Likewise, this page shows the most highly-reported side effects of ACETONE, so you can see if COUGH ranks among ACETONE's most well-known side effects.
Summary Statistics
Reports of ACETONE causing COUGH: 1
Reports of any side effect of ACETONE : 31
Percentage of ACETONE patients where COUGH is a reported side effect: 3.2258%

FDA reports of any drug causing COUGH : 52647
Average percentage for all medicated patients where COUGH is reported as a complication: 0.3300%

Physician opinion on ACETONE as adverse event culprit:

Overall opinion for all reports of this drug:
Most frequent diagnoses/indications for prescribing ACETONE:
HYPERTENSION ( 1 patients )
( 0 patients )
Drugs with high FDA adverse event association with COUGH:

HUMIRA (4802 patients)
ASPIRIN (4583 patients)
FOSAMAX (4558 patients)
ENBREL (3869 patients)
VIOXX (3012 patients)
PREDNISONE (2705 patients)
METHOTREXATE (2523 patients)
LISINOPRIL (2479 patients)
ADVAIR DISKUS 100/50 (2377 patients)
NEXIUM (2277 patients)
LIPITOR (2205 patients)
SPIRIVA (2160 patients)
ALBUTEROL (2112 patients)
ZOMETA (1900 patients)
LASIX (1756 patients)
SYNTHROID (1703 patients)
REMICADE (1699 patients)
XOLAIR (1678 patients)
FOLIC ACID (1668 patients)
OMEPRAZOLE (1599 patients)
COUMADIN (1493 patients)
SINGULAIR (1463 patients)
SIMVASTATIN (1387 patients)
FUROSEMIDE (1384 patients)
FORTEO (1374 patients)
PRILOSEC (1369 patients)
ATENOLOL (1276 patients)
NORVASC (1217 patients)
DIGOXIN (1196 patients)
AREDIA (1169 patients)
SYMBICORT (1166 patients)
PLAVIX (1145 patients)
TOPROL-XL (1138 patients)
XANAX (1134 patients)
ZOCOR (1132 patients)
NEURONTIN (1115 patients)
DIOVAN (1105 patients)
ACETAMINOPHEN (1095 patients)
VITAMIN D (1084 patients)
SEROQUEL (1080 patients)
PREDNISONE TAB (1067 patients)
PROTONIX (1064 patients)
CELEBREX (1061 patients)
PREVACID (1035 patients)
ZOLOFT (1017 patients)
IBUPROFEN (988 patients)
TYSABRI (959 patients)
PREDNISOLONE (958 patients)
AMBIEN (943 patients)
CALCIUM (923 patients)
VICODIN (921 patients)
ATIVAN (906 patients)
CRESTOR (889 patients)
DEXAMETHASONE (863 patients)
METFORMIN HCL (859 patients)
LEVAQUIN (858 patients)
SYNAGIS (845 patients)
SANDOSTATIN LAR (829 patients)
PAXIL (810 patients)
ALLOPURINOL (786 patients)
VENTOLIN (774 patients)
OXYCONTIN (764 patients)
PREMARIN (762 patients)
CHANTIX (758 patients)
LANTUS (750 patients)
ZYRTEC (749 patients)
MULTI-VITAMINS (748 patients)
LEXAPRO (738 patients)
WARFARIN SODIUM (737 patients)
GLEEVEC (718 patients)
AMLODIPINE (716 patients)
AVONEX (711 patients)
PEGASYS (687 patients)
COMBIVENT (677 patients)
SOLIRIS (676 patients)
LYRICA (670 patients)
COREG (669 patients)
BENADRYL (665 patients)
CYMBALTA (659 patients)
PERCOCET (655 patients)
GABAPENTIN (650 patients)
ALLEGRA (639 patients)
FLOVENT (639 patients)
AMOXICILLIN (637 patients)
ZITHROMAX (634 patients)
BYETTA (625 patients)
LORAZEPAM (614 patients)
MULTI-VITAMIN (614 patients)
ALTACE (614 patients)
DECADRON (608 patients)
COZAAR (599 patients)
FLONASE (597 patients)
ZOFRAN (592 patients)
ZANTAC (589 patients)
EFFEXOR (588 patients)
AFINITOR (582 patients)
FISH OIL (574 patients)
REVLIMID (562 patients)
INSULIN (561 patients)
CELEXA (559 patients)
TYLENOL (CAPLET) (557 patients)
ASCORBIC ACID (555 patients)
CALCIUM CARBONATE (553 patients)
NITROGLYCERIN (551 patients)
PROZAC (549 patients)
SPIRONOLACTONE (549 patients)
VITAMIN E (544 patients)
WELLBUTRIN (533 patients)
EXJADE (530 patients)
FOSAMAX PLUS D (529 patients)
DIAZEPAM (527 patients)
GLUCOPHAGE (522 patients)
ALPRAZOLAM (522 patients)
ACTONEL (521 patients)
BACTRIM (515 patients)
FLEXERIL (512 patients)
RANITIDINE (511 patients)
ACCUTANE (499 patients)
CLONAZEPAM (496 patients)
RIBAVIRIN (490 patients)
LORTAB (489 patients)
OXYCODONE HCL (487 patients)
KLONOPIN (485 patients)
TRACLEER (485 patients)
TRAMADOL HCL (482 patients)
METOPROLOL (478 patients)
CLARITIN (446 patients)
NASONEX (445 patients)
ARIMIDEX (444 patients)
AZITHROMYCIN (443 patients)
CIPROFLOXACIN (435 patients)
TAXOTERE (434 patients)
ENALAPRIL MALEATE (432 patients)
MORPHINE (431 patients)
NIASPAN (421 patients)
VITAMIN B-12 (421 patients)
AVELOX (418 patients)
RAMIPRIL (416 patients)
GLIPIZIDE (414 patients)
FLOMAX (414 patients)
ACYCLOVIR (411 patients)
FEMARA (407 patients)
GILENYA (406 patients)
VALIUM (404 patients)
ALDACTONE (400 patients)
TRAZODONE HCL (400 patients)
TYLENOL (398 patients)
CLONIDINE (396 patients)
ACTOS (395 patients)
ZETIA (395 patients)
CARVEDILOL (395 patients)
REGLAN (388 patients)
CYCLOSPORINE (381 patients)
CARBOPLATIN (379 patients)
COMPAZINE (379 patients)
NEXAVAR (378 patients)
HUMALOG (375 patients)
MAGNEVIST (372 patients)
FLUCONAZOLE (371 patients)
VELCADE (369 patients)
AMITRIPTYLINE HCL (368 patients)
ATROVENT (367 patients)
ARANESP (367 patients)
COLACE (366 patients)
NAPROXEN (360 patients)
PEPCID (360 patients)
FERROUS SULFATE TAB (359 patients)
LANSOPRAZOLE (359 patients)
OXYGEN (358 patients)
POTASSIUM (357 patients)
GLYBURIDE (357 patients)
HYDROCODONE (352 patients)
METFORMIN (349 patients)
THALIDOMIDE (349 patients)
SEREVENT (349 patients)
AVANDIA (345 patients)
ZESTRIL (340 patients)
PULMICORT (339 patients)
RISPERDAL (338 patients)
ADVAIR HFA (338 patients)
CLOZARIL (337 patients)
AUGMENTIN '125' (336 patients)
LOVENOX (333 patients)
IRON (333 patients)
PLAQUENIL (333 patients)
ZYPREXA (333 patients)
VERAPAMIL (330 patients)
CLARITHROMYCIN (329 patients)
LOPRESSOR (328 patients)
CLINDAMYCIN (325 patients)
VENTAVIS (320 patients)
BENICAR (313 patients)
FLUOROURACIL (312 patients)
DOXYCYCLINE (312 patients)
CARDIZEM (312 patients)
TEMAZEPAM (310 patients)
FORASEQ (310 patients)
XELODA (309 patients)
VANCOMYCIN (309 patients)
HERCEPTIN (308 patients)
BONIVA (308 patients)

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